get to know sweet gumball

Home Decor that's heartfelt... including framed wall art, shelf art, linen pillows, greeting cards and more... made by us...with love.

xo's ~ susan & karen


with a name so fun
it’s strange to see
that our ‘sweet gumball’ name
is from the sweetgum tree!

do you know what it is?
have you seen one before?
make sure your feet are covered
before you head out the door!

those prickley brown pods
you see on the ground
landed one sister in emergency
singing a not-so-sweet sound!

three hours later
the hooked thorn was out
…thirty years later
‘sweet gumball’ came about!

it’s all about the little things
for that you will see
for here at ‘sweet gumball’
we find beauty in simplicity!

from cards to canvases
to notepads galore
you'll feel the love
so heartfelt...just adore!

founded by two sisters
with a passion to inspire
it's what we admire.

with our studio in georgia
it’s important to display
that our hand crafted products
are made in the great USA!